Modular data center "Miran-2", Russia, St. Petersburg.

Data Center "Miran-2" is located in an industrial building long-term lease, is powered by its own power substation capacity of 3.5 MVA, has three independent cable input, two independent entry to the territory. In 2013, the area was renovated for use as a data center.

The total area of the data center is 1115 m 2, the first stage - 685 m2. The area accommodates 9 modules for 24 closed server cabinets in each, with a maximum power allocated to the server cabinet to 14 kW.

The main feature of the data center is its modular construction, implying a low dependence of engineering solutions on the design features of the building. Area data center is functionally divided into several independent zones: an area for placement of server modules (two stages), switchboard, unloading zone and placing equipment DSU, office module, which houses the technical support and dispatch system. Communication unit, a room for visitors and a warehouse of spare parts are located in the technical module.

Power Supply

Power supply of the data center is carried out by its own transformer substation with two independent power transformers 3.5 MVA, located on the territory nearby.

Uninterruptible power supply system is inside of each module and is completely independent of the other. Each server module comes two independent power input, providing redundant power equipment scheme 2N. Uninterruptible power supply system of each server module, built using two UPS 120 kVA with redundancy 2N, providing autonomous power supply of each module of the data center from the time of power failure at both electrical inputs to the moment of connection of diesel generator sets.

Diesel generator is used in "hot standby" mode, they continuously maintain the optimum charge starting batteries, and provides heating oil in the crankcase and the coolant at any time of the year.


"Miran-2" server modules cooling system in a data center is designed with redundancy N + 1 components of each of the two cooling systems, classical freon and the system of direct removal of hot air from equipment Free Cooling.

Driving air is organized according to the hot and cold aisle. To eliminate dust from the outside air into the cold aisle runs a two-stage filtration classes G3 and F5. System of ventilation air backup is provided to avoid dust in the server modules.


Data Center "Miran-2" is equipped with three independent cable glands of telephone conduit Rostelecom and entering the airways. Data center Miran-2 is associated with its own optical channels the main IXs Borova d.57, Bolshaya Morskaya d.18, d.12 Kantemirovskaya, as well as to the data center, "Miran-1".

Policy Carier neutral - Freedom of in the choice of service provider and no hidden fees. The data center there are more than fourty operators, among them Rent.Net, Rusk, Obit, Komforel, Rostelecom, Prometheus, TTC, MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Severen Telecom, Avantel, Smart Telecom, Orange, Comlink Telecom, Continental Group, Prostor telecom, Mastertel, Gars telecom, Prostor telecom, Selectel, Anders, CityTelecom, LinxTelecom, Telross, telephone and others (full list of operators). Just inside the data center, you can connect to the Internet Exchange points COD-IX, Pirix, Data- IX, Cloud IX.


Each server module is equipped with an independent fire alarm system and automatic gas extinguishing of server and power unit, which provides a higher degree of security.

Data center video surveillance system provides a continuous record with more than 20 different cameras, storing the video archive in accordance with PCI DSS security standard is more than 100 days

The data center is guarded around the clock non-departmental police.

Data center location

Address: 194044, Russia, St.Petersburg, nab. Pirogovskaya, 17, korp.7

The data center provides the following services:

A full range of telecommunications services


Fast SSD Virtual Private Server

from 100 rub./month

Виртуальные серверы VPS/VDS
DDOS Protection

Reliable protection from DDOS-attacks. Quick connection

from 5000 rub./month

Аренда выделенного сервера

Rent dedicated servers with unmetered 100 Mbps internet access

от 6000 rub./month

Аренда серверного шкафа

Colocation in TIER3 data centers.

from 1500 rub./month